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olga vaseo
Kooshy Kids 30

Very fast delivery.High quality product. The pump works perfectly and quickly. I recommend it to everyone.

Nicholas Tan
Kooshy Kids: A Game-Changer for Traveling with Children

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Feedback for Kooshy Kids

As a parent who frequently travels with young children, Kooshy Kids has been a game-changer for our family trips. I wanted to share my feedback on their products and how they’ve positively impacted our travel experiences.

Product Range and Quality:
Kooshy Kids offers a fantastic range of travel accessories designed specifically for children. The Kooshy Kids Kooshion, their inflatable cushion that turns an airplane seat into a comfortable bed, has been especially valuable. The quality of the materials is top-notch, ensuring both durability and comfort. I also appreciate the attention to detail in other products like the travel blanket and pillow set, which are equally high-quality and thoughtfully designed.

One of the best aspects of Kooshy Kids products is how easy they are to use. The Kooshion inflates quickly using a foot pump and deflates just as easily, folding into a compact size that fits perfectly into a carry-on bag. This convenience is a huge benefit, especially when managing travel with young children.

Comfort is where Kooshy Kids truly shines. The Kooshion has transformed long flights for us by providing a flat surface for my children to lie down on. This has allowed them to sleep soundly, significantly reducing travel stress for the whole family. The travel blanket and pillow set add an extra layer of coziness, making trips even more pleasant.

I’m impressed with the practical and appealing design of Kooshy Kids products. The neutral colors and sleek look fit well with any travel gear, and the easy-to-clean material is a lifesaver for parents dealing with inevitable spills and messes.

Value for Money:
While Kooshy Kids products are an investment, they offer excellent value for money. The durability and comfort they provide make them worth every penny, especially for families who travel often.

Customer Service:
I’ve had very positive experiences with Kooshy Kids’ customer service. They are responsive and helpful, addressing my questions and concerns promptly. This level of support enhances the overall positive experience with the brand.

Overall Impression:
Kooshy Kids has made traveling with children much more manageable and enjoyable. Their innovative, high-quality products have significantly improved our travel comfort. I highly recommend Kooshy Kids to any parent looking to enhance their travel experience with young kids. Thank you, Kooshy Kids, for making our journeys so much smoother!

Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We're thrilled to hear that our products have made such a positive impact on your travel experiences. Safe travels and happy adventures with your little ones! ✈️

Premium Kooshy Kids

Fantastic, sturdy, great quality and very excited for our holiday knowing our kids will have extra comfort!
The smart pump pro 2 is a fantastic pump. The light is incredibly bright!
It's a little noisey but you can't really eliminate that in such a compact design.
Be sure to double click the buttons to turn them on.

Tanya Mellett
Delivered safely

Very happy with our purchase and delivery system, thankyou. Product arrived in perfect condition.

Kelcie Marr
Kooshy Kloud is my favorite new travel accessory

Flying with a bigger lap child started to get difficult to hold her the whole flight, even if its a short flight. The Kooshy Kloud has forever changed my flying experience. I am now able to be hands free after she goes down for a nap and my shoulders and arms aren't wrecked after landing from holding her the whole flight. After taking our daughter on 21 flights under 11 months old, this has forever changed my travel experience.

Hey there Kelcie, thank you so much for your kind words! We're thrilled to hear that the Kooshy Kloud has made such a positive impact on your travel experience. Safe travels, and we look forward to being a part of many more of your family adventures.