About Us



Hi there, I'm Louisa—proud mum of two awesome kids, Mila (11) and Jack (9). We call the sunny Gold Coast, Australia, our home, after making the move from Melbourne in 2021. With its warm weather, stunning beaches, and relaxed lifestyle, it feels like we’re on vacation all year round. Travelling is my passion, and I love exploring new places, sampling diverse cuisines, and savouring a good glass of wine. 🍷

The Kooshy Kids Journey

Back in 2016, a volcanic eruption turned our flight to Bali into an exhausting ten-hour ordeal. The discomfort and stress of travelling with kids made me realise how few options there were for making family flights more bearable for parents and comfortable for children.


That’s when I started researching and discovered a significant lack of products tailored to making family travel easier. My entrepreneurial instincts kicked in, and I saw a clear opportunity to fill this gap in the market.

I started Kooshy Kids in 2017 with a simple mission: to make family travel more comfortable and enjoyable.

My journey began in my home garage, where I sold other brands' products through my Facebook page and blog, 'Kids in Bali.' It quickly became clear that while there was a demand for travel solutions for kids, the products that I was selling had numerous issues and customers were often dissatisfied. They lacked quality, comfort, and the thoughtful design needed to truly ease family travel.

Recognising this gap, I decided to create my own range—taking proven concepts and refining them to address these shortcomings. My goal was to develop products that not only met, but exceeded the expectations of parents and children, making them the best they could be.

Innovating for Comfort and Convenience

At Kooshy Kids, we don’t just sell products; we continually refine and enhance them to ensure they are superior in every way. I don’t claim to be the inventor of every product we offer, but I am passionate about making each one uniquely ours—addressing existing weaknesses and turning them into market leaders. Whether it's our Kooshion, Sky Bunk, or Kooshy Kloud, every product has been carefully designed to transform any economy or premium economy seat into a first-class experience. ✈️

Facing the Covid Challenge

When COVID hit, the travel world came to a standstill, posing the toughest challenge for Kooshy Kids. With travel halted, I had to think creatively to keep the business afloat. This period taught me resilience and the power of persistence.

By exploring innovative ways to support our customers and adapt to the changing landscape, we navigated those tough years successfully. 💪 The lessons learned have made Kooshy Kids stronger and more adaptable, allowing us to seize incredible opportunities as travel has returned.

Growing Stronger Together

Over the past 12 months, Kooshy Kids has experienced remarkable growth. We transitioned from my home garage to a warehouse in May 2023, and now we’re expanding into a new space that’s double the size! This incredible journey from a small startup to a thriving company is not only a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, but also to my unwavering belief in our mission and my determination to never give up. 🌟

Investing in a business coach during this time was one of the best decisions I've made. It fueled my confidence and provided invaluable guidance through each phase of growth. I’m incredibly proud of the loyal following we’ve built and the wonderful support from families around the world. Our success story reflects the strength of our vision and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Launching a World-First Innovation

I'm thrilled to announce our latest achievement: the launch of our world-first Self-Inflatable range. 🥳 I’ve spent years meticulously designing, testing, and refining these products, collaborating with airline safety teams to ensure they meet the highest standards of safety and convenience. Our Self-Inflating Kooshion and Sky Bunk are the epitome of innovation in travel comfort, inflating effortlessly to provide a cosy, comfortable space for kids on the go.

Our Commitment to Families

Since our launch, Kooshy Kids has helped over 100,000 families worldwide enjoy more relaxing and restful travel experiences. We've built a large, loyal community on social media, where I love sharing travel tips, flight specials, and updates about our latest innovations.

Despite the challenges over the years, Kooshy Kids has emerged stronger than ever, thanks to the trust and support of our wonderful customers.

We are constantly innovating, and I’m thrilled to share that we have even more exciting new products on the way. So, stay tuned!


Explore Kooshy Kids:

  • Kooshion: Fills the footwell of plane seats, providing a flat surface for kids to lay down and sleep comfortably.
  • Sky Bunk: Transforms any plane seat into a spacious bed for young children.
  • Kooshy Kloud: A versatile, inflatable pillow perfect for infants to rest on their parent's lap, and it can also act as a back support for all ages.
  • Self-Inflating Range: World-first innovations in travel comfort, inflating effortlessly for maximum convenience and cosiness.