Kooshy "Big Kids" Kooshion Kit (for big kids & adults)

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Not just for the little kids...big kids and adults can fly in comfort too. 

The Kooshy "Big Kids" Kooshion for big kids and adults is the perfect way to ensure your family all enjoy extra comfort on your flight.

The Kooshy "Big Kids" Kooshion Kit includes:

  • Kooshy Kids Kooshion 
  • FREE drawstring backpack with internal and external zipped pockets
  • Pump for Inflation (choose from four options including the NEW Smart Pump Pro)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Approved airline money back guarantee

The Kooshy Big Kids Kooshion can be used to create a foot rest at various heights .

Kooshy Kids is the ONLY inflatable footrest with two chambers allowing you to use it at various heights for you to sit back and relax your legs and feet on. Recently other brands have changed to a single chamber cushion, meaning their height no longer has the ability to be adjusted without being wobbly, uneven and uncomfortable. 

Please note that there is no difference between this Kooshion and  the Kooshy Kids Kooshion...we are merely demonstrating that it can be used by people all ages as many assume that they are only useful for kids. 

Made from the best quality PVC, the Kooshion is durable and lightweight.

The Kooshion can also be used on public transport and in the car.

The Kooshion weighs only 660 grams. 

Please refer to the Kooshion Info Page on our website for advise on pumps. 

Most airlines will allow the use of our product if used according to our guidelines. Please refer to the Airline Info page on our website for more info. 


  • We are the only brand to offer a LIMETIME WARRANTY. We have confidence that our product will stand the test of time
  • We are also the only brand to offer a Money Back Guarantee if refused use on an approved airline
  • Hundreds of customer testimonials with photos (see our Instagram Page Highlights)
  • Approval from 60+ airlines (click here for airline information)
  • Fitted with rapid deflation valves, allowing the Kooshion to fully deflate in 3 seconds
  • Mushroom shape prevents blockage of air vents
  • Reinforced PVC structure to minimalise the risk of punctures and leaks
  • Purpose built sizing - it is the only brand to sit flush with the plane seat for optimal comfort and will fill the legroom space with no gaps. Its weight ensures it remains stable and yet is not bulky in carry on baggage. 
  • Soft flocking on the top for extra comfort...no rough edges
  • Easy to clean, hygienic PVC (use an antibacterial wipe after use)
  • Automatic air pumps available, no physical pumping or mouth required for inflation
  • Double chamber allows for comfortable and stable use at three different heights for different ages and needs (brands such as Fly Tot and Plane Pal no longer offer two chambers and can now only be used with stability at full height).

 Added Peace of Mind with Our Repair Kit

At Kooshy Kids, we understand that even with the highest quality materials, the unexpected can happen. That's why we've designed our inflatables with longevity and practicality in mind.

To ensure you're always prepared, each of our inflatable products is compatible with the Kooshy Kids Inflatable Repair Kit – your quick fix for on-the-go. This kit contains five strong, easy-to-apply patches, perfect for mending those unexpected punctures that can occur during your adventures can be added to your order.


Customer Reviews

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Really easy to use and comfy looking

We took a 7h flight and honestly this was so good to keep our toddler asleep for a good portion of the flight. It’s also super easy to both inflate and deflate. The hand pump is great imo.

Kaitlin Chamblin
Must have for long flights

Love this product, made so well and easy to use. I purchased the battery pump and set up takes 30 seconds. Made the perfect relaxing and sleep space for my 5 year old on international flight. Worth the price, the design and shape is well done!

Travel game changer!!

I wish I had discovered this when I’d had my first child!! I am looking forward to my five year old using her new Premium kooshion on our upcoming flight.
The product is very lightweight and very comfortable. I was so impressed by the quality of the kooshion - it’s soft and cosy feeling.
The smart pump is an awesome travel accessory to have , that flashlight will come in handy when I’m searching for the toys & crayons that will surely land up on the floor!

Travel Game-Changer for Families

The Kooshy Kids Kooshion is a game-changer for travel with kids. It's easy to inflate, sturdy, and provides much-needed comfort for little ones on long flights. A must-have for family trips!

Siew Yein Loke
Comfortable Kooshy Kooshion

Please take note if you need to purchase the Kooshion prior your travel date, please do it much more earlier. I have purchased the priority upgrade and express delivery 2 weeks before my travel, the delivery just arrived 1 day before my travel date. It was abit risky as I almost miss it before my long flight travel.
Nevertheless, my girl and I have enjoyed Kooshion so much during our flight. we managed to rest our legs and sleep peacefully;-)