Kiddy Kruiser


Introducing the NEW and game changing Kiddy Kruiser by Kooshy Kids. It is a revolutionary family travel companion, designed to make airports a breeze!

Keep your family travels smooth and stress-free with a product that provides comfort, durability, and functionality and is super convenient for when you are at the airport without a pram.  

Durable, Comfortable, and Safe

  • Ultimate Comfort: Features a seat, ensuring a comfortable travel experience for your child through the airport, and rested arms and back for you. 

  • Adjustable Straps: Comes with adjustable straps, designed to fit standard carry-on luggage (soft or hard).

  • Innovative Safety Design: Includes a harness and lap belt for added safety and convenience.

Lightweight and Versatile

  • Dimensions: Measures 28cm x 28cm x 3cm.

  • Weight: The Kiddy Kruiser weighs only 650 grams.

  • Storage: Can be effortlessly stored either inside or strapped to the outside your carry-on suitcase.

How to Secure the Kiddy Kruiser to Your Luggage: Extend your suitcase's handle and slide the adjustable top strap over it.

  1. Handle Up: Extend your suitcase's handle and slide the adjustable top strap over it, or you can secure it over the top handle if your case has one.

  2. Centre Position: Make sure the Kiddy Kruiser is centred on the front of your suitcase for optimal support and weight distribution. Feed the side strap through the side handle.

  3. Tighten Straps: Adjust the straps (to and side) firmly for a secure fit.

  4. Safety First: While holding the suitcase handle, have your child sit and secure the harness and lap belt. 

  5. Ready, Set, Go: Tilt the suitcase back and you're ready to rock and roll through the airport like a pro!

Kiddy Kruiser FAQs

What is the recommended age and weight for using the Kiddy Kruiser?

The Kiddy Kruiser is designed for children aged 2 and above (or where they are confident sitting up unsupported), with a maximum weight capacity of 25 kilograms. Parental discretion is advised based on the child's ability to sit and stand independently.

Does the Kiddy Kruiser come with a harness?

Yes, a lap belt and harness is included to provide additional security. We recommend using both for optional safety. 

Make sure that you keep hold of the suitcase at all times. If your child weighs more than the luggage, without your support, the case may tip forward. 

What types of luggage work best with the Kiddy Kruiser?

We recommend using the Kiddy Kruiser with:

  • Two or four-wheel roller luggage

  • Soft luggage works best so that the seat doesn't slide, although it will still work well with hard shell cases. 

What size luggage is compatible with the Kiddy Kruiser?

The Kiddy Kruiser is versatile enough to fit all standard carry-on suitcases with a handle. 

For optimal convenience, comfort and safety during your travels through airports, choose the Kiddy Kruiser by Kooshy Kids.

Make your next family adventure a Kooshy one!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
james morrison
kiddy cruiser

amazing. so easy to use and compact.
my 2 year old loves riding around on the back of my carry on luggage.

Awsome travel edition

Such a great addition for travelling with little ones! My 18 month old loved the Kiddy Kruiser, she looked so comfortable and safe. It made travelling so much easier not having to carry her through the airport and between transfers. My 4 year old loved it to! They wanted to take turns, it was so fun for them and made life so much easier for us. We didn’t need our travel stroller, this did the job for us! It was perfect, lights and compact. So glad we have it!

We’re overjoyed that our product met your expectations! Your positive feedback fuels our passion for creating quality products for awesome customers like you. Thanks for the love!

Brianna W
So handy!

Super helpful for getting through the airport with our little ones! No more complaints about tired legs or having to carry them and they think its a fun ride! Love that the Kiddy Kruiser has a harness to keep our wild two year old in (have seen another brand with only a lap belt which wouldn't be safe for us!). Beautiful quality too, definitely recommend 😊

Your kind words made our day! We designed this with customers like you in mind, and we're so glad it’s making a positive difference. Thanks for choosing Kooshy Kids!