Kooshy Kids & the Airlines

Kooshy Kids & the Airlines

Kooshy Kids & the Airlines

There has been so much publicity and hype on social media and in the news about Qantas' recent policy changes. We receive daily comments on our feed stating "these are banned", "airlines have banned them" "Qantas and Jetstar have banned them" ......so what is the story? 

Last week Qantas amended their guidelines and although they do not specifically list our cushion as prohibited, they have left it in a grey area stating that "the decision to permit use of a particular device rests with the cabin crew on-board".

If you must fly Qantas our advice is:

Talk to the crew only if you are questioned. Demonstrate the ease of deflation and explain that the cushion is not specifically listed as prohibited and it does not impede access to seats and aisles, cause damage to the aircraft seats and fixtures, or make it difficult to access to emergency equipment. (in 2 seconds the 800 gram cushion can be flat....a 7kg rigid suitcase it not so easy to move however it is allowed?) .

The worst-case scenario is that you are not permitted to use the cushion on that flight. 

If you are permitted to use the product it will act as a Godsend!

Wine, movie, dinner…. are all inflight possibilities when your child has a good plane sleep. 

The following airlines have allowed the use of inflatable cushions

You can check out social media for examples of families using the device on several other major airlines. 

We have had numerous customers tell us that they have called an airline whose phone advice is that the product is not permitted...only to go on using it without any problems. 

We don’t deny that with certain airlines there is a risk involved……whether the risk it worth it, is up to you!

We recommend booking your travel with a child-friendly airline who approve the cushions such as those listed above. 

Kooshy Kids will be working with all airlines (including Qantas) to have official approval. Stay tuned.