Waterproof Floating Phone Case


Protect your phone from from potential water damage with the Globite Waterproof Floating Phone Case. A must have item, whether your travelling, doing water sports, at the beach or just sitting by the pool, this triple seal cover will stop water, sand and dirt getting to your device.

The cover has a clear front so you can clearly see and use your phone, and the back has a clear area so you can still use your phone camera or flash light. The edges are filled with air which makes it float, so if you drop it into water your device wont sink to the bottom. The cord allows you to hang your phone around your neck or close by.

Key Features:

  • Fits most smart phones
  • Floats on water
  • Triple seal stops water, sand or dirt from getting into your device
  • Screen and camera can still be used whilst in the cover
  • Handy neck cord

Case(external): 20cmH x 12cmW
Case(internal): 16.5cmH x 8.5cmW

56 grams

*QA test: submerged in 2m for 10 mins without leaking, product is designed to float.

Customer Reviews

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Nicole Tate

When you work with animals and water these cases keep your phone safe from going for a swim.
Fantastic product