Kooshy Kloud™


Introducing the Kooshy Kloud™  - our most innovative, comfortable, and versatile product ever!

Experience a new level of comfort and relaxation during your flights with the Kooshy Kloud™ , designed to enhance your travel experience in Economy class. With no specific airline restrictions, this inflatable pillow is suitable for infants without their own seat, children, and adults alike.

The Kooshy Kloud™ cocoons you in complete comfort within your plane seat, even cushioning the arm rest. It inflates in just 15 seconds, allowing you to personalise the firmness according to your preferences. Simply give it a few breaths (Donny fully inflate)...leave it slightly squishy for extra comfort. To deflate, simply pull the plug, and it flattens in no time. Initially small and compact, weighing only 150g, it takes up hardly any space in your luggage.

Discover the benefits of the Kooshy Kloud™  for each group:

FOR INFANTS WITHOUT THEIR OWN SEAT: Parents, rejoice! The Kooshy Kloud is here to provide you and your little one with the ultimate solution for a comfortable journey. This inflatable pillow creates a cozy space for your baby, allowing them to rest on you while your arms find a "kooshy" resting place. Say goodbye to tired arms and discomfort, and enjoy the freedom of having a dedicated space for your little one. Plus, without airline restrictions, you can use the Kooshy Kloud™  stress-free throughout the flight.

We recommend a window seat for this where possible so that you have the extra space in case you need it for your child’s legs or if there if the Kloud has been inflated more and is too large to fit within your seat space (remember only to half inflate to avoid this). 


FOR CHILDREN WITH THEIR OWN SEAT: Make your child's travel experience extraordinary with the Kooshy Kloud. This versatile inflatable pillow is perfect for children, offering them their own comfortable space to rest and relax during flights. The Kooshy Kloud provides a hygienic and super comfortable spot for their heads. Pair it with the Kooshy Kids Kooshion for an even more delightful journey. PLUS...no more armrest battles or sprawling on your lap – let your children stay in their own space, enjoying peaceful travels without any restrictions.

FOR ADULTS: Upgrade your Economy seat to a haven of comfort with the Kooshy Kloud. Designed for adults seeking optimum relaxation during flights, this inflatable pillow is a game-changer. Place it behind, around, or in front of you, and let its arms wrap around your waist, providing excellent back support and a comfortable resting place for your arms. 


The Kooshy Kloud™  and Kooshy Kids Kooshion™  are the ultimate combination for a comfortable flight experience. You can purchase them together with a pump in the Little Travellers Bundle, which provides everything your child needs for a cosy journey. Have more than one child? The Siblings Bundle is also available, saving you even more money.

No matter your age or travel needs, the Kooshy Kloud is your ultimate travel companion. Its versatility and comfort make it suitable for infants, children, and adults, ensuring a more enjoyable and relaxing journey. Don't miss out on the benefits of the Kooshy Kloud – order now and elevate your travel experience!

Always supervise your children whilst using this product and ensure you take extra care when placing an infant on the Kloud whilst on your lap. Airline seatbelts/extenders should be used whenever you are seated. 

Although there are no known airline restrictions for this product, we recommend that you check with your airline for confirmation of their acceptance of this product's use prior to purchasing. 

For product instructions CLICK HERE.

Added Peace of Mind with Our Repair Kit

At Kooshy Kids, we understand that even with the highest quality materials, the unexpected can happen. That's why we've designed our inflatables with longevity and practicality in mind.

To ensure you're always prepared, each of our inflatable products is compatible with the Kooshy Kids Inflatable Repair Kit – your quick fix for on-the-go. This kit contains five strong, easy-to-apply patches, perfect for mending those unexpected punctures that can occur during your adventures can be added to your order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Joy Yeo
Kloud is a arm and back saver!

Just travelled with the kloud with our 16 month old. We had the bassinet seat section more so for my back injury and pains than for our infant, as he is too long to sleep in the bassinet now. He slept amazing on the kloud and didn't have to worry about him rolling off the boob and facing upwards, it had a huge surface area! Was great for my arms and back too, as I didn't have to bend down or hold him awkwardly while he had milk or falling asleep. Can't wait to try the kushion next trip!

We’re on cloud nine after reading your review! We designed this with customers like you in mind, and we're so glad it’s making a positive difference. Thanks for choosing Kooshy Kids!

Joyce Jiao
Perfect for holding my baby

I'm very excited about using this on the plane as I've blown it up and it fits wraps snugly around my waist. I love how it essentially has a barrier/guard for the baby to lie horizontally across my lap on the cushion. This would be a great travel breastfeeding cushion, not just for planes, but for the diaper bag, in the early days when he had no head control and my arms ached from hours of breastfeeding!

Thanks for the kudos! So glad you’re enjoying the product. Your support means the world to us, and we’re here for anything you need in the future.

Great if flying Qantas overseas

We recently flew to the USA with our three children (9, 7, 4) and bought 3 kooshy klouds. When I noticed my son was nodding off and his neck was dropping to one side I inflated the kloud and put it behind him so he could easily rest his head on it while sleeping upright. My other son had an empty seat beside him and used the kloud to help him lie down across both seats. And if one of the kids wasn’t using it… I found it very comfortable to use as well, so it’s great for adults too. Easy to inflate, folds into a compact space so we easily brought 3 with us in our carryon. And it’s perfect if you fly Qantas as we didn’t want to risk bringing the other inflatable cushion and then not be allowed to inflate it. Qantas staff were fine with these klouds.

We’re on cloud nine after reading your review! We designed this with customers like you in mind, and we're so glad it’s making a positive difference. Thanks for choosing Kooshy Kids!

Must have for any travel!

We took our first flight with our 8 month old. She did so well and having the kloud saved my arms. The material is soft and didn’t cause her to sweat, and it’s so easy to set up!

Hey there! Big thanks for your positive feedback on our product. Thrilled it hit the mark for you! Keep enjoying and stay Kooshy!

B. Andy

The Kooshy Kloud pillow has proven to be a fantastic addition to our travel essentials. The pillow is very soft and ergonomic shape cradle our little one's head and neck, allowing for a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Hey there! Big thanks for your positive feedback on our product. Thrilled it hit the mark for you! Keep enjoying and stay Kooshy!